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1973 XLH Sportster Frame Details

On 16 April 2008 L&T started to strip their Harley XLH Ironhead Sportster. Once the fuel tank, oil tank, saddle and rear fender had been removed, some interesting Harley frame construction details were exposed.

1973 Sportster, or is it a 1972?

It should be noted that although the official registration of LnT's Sporster says it is a 1973 XLH, it is very likely that this is a Harley 1972 model that was sold and registered by the dealer in the year 1973.

Photo of Harley Davidson Sportster Frame.

1973 Sportster Frame - Steering Head

In the picture below you can see that the steering head of their 1973 XLH frame is a steel casting in which the steel frame tubes have been fixed.

Photo of Sportster Frame Front End Casting.

1973 Sportster Frame - Rear End

Just like the steering head shown in the picture above, the rear frame node is also a steel casting:

Photo of Sportster Frame Rear End Casting. This photo shows the upper rear end of LnT's 1973 Ironhead Sportster frame.

Photo of Sportster Frame Rear End Casting.

Another view of the cast node underneath the saddle.

For their Oldschool Bobber project L&T replaced the rear end of this frame with a bolt on hardtail section. The rear extensions of the cast node (that used to hold the rear fender struts) have to go - note the cut lines.

Photo of Sportster Frame Rear End Casting.

Some serious cutting going on! For more info on LnT's Bobber conversion and the hardtailing of this Ironhead frame click HERE.

For more general information on the conversion of this 1973 Harley XLH Sportster motorcycle into an Oldschool Bobber check out:


(May 2008)

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