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1984 Harley XR1000 Streetracer

Ray from Chalfont, Pennsylvania, United States made available to us these photographs of his 1984 Harley XR1000 Streetracer.

Ray: "1984 Harley-Davidson XR 1000 - Rare Black and Orange color. Bike is 1 of only 184 Black & Orange machines built in 1984. There are 1000's of gray bikes but only 184 like this bike. Never raced her."

Photo of 1984 Sportster Harley XR1000 Streetracer Classic Motorcycle by Ray.

Sportster XR1000 Streetracer Engine

Photo of 1984 Harley XR1000 Sportster Street Racer in Orange and Black Paint Scheme by Ray.

Harley fitted this Sportster with the better breathing XR aluminum special ported high flow cylinder heads with racing valve springs and titanium collars, same as their racing machines.

Whereas the regular Sportster has a single carburator feeding both cylinders from the right hand side in between the cylinders, the XR1000 has twin carburators, each one feeding one cylinder separately from the right hand side to the rear of each cylinder head. And each cylinder head exhausts to the left hand side at the front of each cylinder head, whereas the regular Sportster exhausts around a sharp corner to the right.

Photo of 1984 Harley XR1000 Sportster Streetracer in Orange and Black Paint Scheme by Ray. Note the dual megaphone exhausts of the Harley XR1000 Sportster streetracer. Unlike the regular Sportster, the XR1000 has the exhausts at the left hand side of the bike.

(March 2009)

Harley XR1000 Streetracer

The XR1000 is a further development of the famous XR-750 dirt track racer. When launched in 1983, the XR1000 was Harley-Davidson's fastest street motorcycle ever made. Unfortunately, probably due its high price, the XR1000 was not a big hit, and production ceased after 1984.

Strictly speaking, with its aluminum heads the XR1000 is not an Ironhead at all. However, its design is so deeply rooted in the classic Ironhead Sportster design that this could be regarded to be close family.

With its special high flow aluminum cylinder heads, its dual 36mm Dell'Orto slide valve carburators with accellerator pumps and its dual megaphone exhausts, the Sportster XR1000 boasts 67 brake horsepower as delivered by the factory. That's about ten horses more than the Sportster XLCR Cafe Racer and about twenty more than the regular Sportster XLH of 1983. Harley Davidson also sold a mod kit to boost the XR1000 to 95hp "for closed circuit riding"...


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