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1980 Sportster Ironhead - Part 1

Life's a Bitch... Thank God There's Sportsters!

Greg from St. Louis, Missouri, United Sates, sent us these photos of this cool 1980 Sportster Ironhead before rebuilding her together with his sons Ted and Jon.

Greg: "This was my first Harley. I've had her for 10 years now. Sat in the garage for the past 3 years w/o being ridding. This summer me and my son started restoring back to original condition. Next we're going to bob her out. Stay tuned for more pic's."

Photo of 1980 Ironhead Sportster. 1980 XLH Sportster

Photo of 1980 XLH Sportster. 1980 Harley Ironhead Sportster

June 2010

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Photo of 1980 Harley XLH Sportster.