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1973 Harley XLCH Sportster Ironhead

Rick from Anchorage, Alaska, USA sent us these pictures of his great looking 1973 Harley XLCH Sportster Ironhead motorbike.

Rick: "This 1973 XLCH was in bad dis-repair when I found it last spring. Found and stopped 6 seperate oil leaks, rebuilt the clutch (there were parts that didnt even belong there), found better primary cover, front and rear fender (thanks to Joseph at AKCycles in Anchorage) lots of parts off ebay and paint (thanks to Willie Ambrose at Stepp Bros autobody in Anchorage). Months of sweat and understanding from my wife and attached is the outcome."

Photo of 1973 Harley Sportster XLCH Ironhead by Rick.

We've got something with Sportster frames, so we asked Rick if his 1973 XLCH has the old cast-steel frame connections underneath the saddle, or if she has the welded connection with (or without...) the reinforcement strips.

Rick: "She has the cast steel connections. I think that makes it an early 1973. I didnt take any pics of the frame when it was stripped. I was in fast mode trying to get it ready for bike show here in Anchorage this weekend. I am not going to make it, but that was my plan.

Who ever worked on her before I found her, didnt do the work well. They had used vice-grips on oil lines, had the forks backwards, etc, etc, They even had the wrong carb so she barley ran."

Photo of 1973 Harley Davidson XLCH Sportster with 1000cc Iron Head engine by Rick.

Photo of 1973 Harley XLCH Sportster Ironhead motorbike by Rick.

Rick: "This is the second 1973 Sportster I've owned. Sold the last one 18 years ago in Ohio and regretted it ever since. Ive had a lot of bike since then but always knew I would find another 73 XLCH.

We have a short-cold riding season in Alaska, but its still worth it!"

Photo of 1973 XLCH Harley Sportster with 1000cc Ironhead engine by Rick. Well Rick, enjoy your ride!

(March 2009)

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