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1970 Harley Classic XLH Sportster

Richard from Portland, Oregon, United States, made available these pics of his completed Harley Davidson 1970 XLH Sportster classic motorcycle restoration project. This bike looks very original with its 883cc Ironhead motor and buddy seat!

Photo of 1970 XLH Harley 883cc IronHead Sportster by Richard. 1970 Harley XLH Sportster classic motorcycle with 883cc IronHead engine, restored by Richard.

Photo of 1970 Harley 883cc IronHead XLH Sportster by Richard. We love this photo of Richards classic Harley IronHead XLH!

Photo of gas tank paint scheme of Richards 1970 Harley XLH IronHead Sportster. The paint scheme of Richards restored 1970 Harley IronHead Sportster XLH looks pretty slick.

(August 2008)

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